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by Syte , October 3, 2009—11:45 PM

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A few days ago while searching online for Japanese cuisine I came across a post about "Tsukimi", Japan's moon-viewing night. Upon seeing that it was only a few days away, I was very excited to see what I could do in order to celebrate my first Japanese "celebration." It's true this event is more celebrated in China and people seem to know more of moon cakes than dango... or at least I did, but nonetheless I thought I would try out the recipe enclosed with the article, mitarashi dango.

Eager because I had bought the ingredients necessary and wanted to try it out, I made the dango the night before. I have never made dango. The process to make the dango itself was awkward and needless to say the end result was... not that great. The dango was tasteless, being simpy... well.. rice, and the sauce to accompany it too familiar of soy sauce, since that was the main flavoring, to my taste.. not good. But being determined, I researched into it more and found that there are many types of dango, and one with a flavor of which I am familiar with, anko. I also found a video on Youtube showing how to make.. well something.. I can't quite remember, but it was important as it changed the way I cooked the dumplings, from steamed to boiled. I also added red food coloring and confectioner's sugar. After letting the dumplings boil and cool, I skewered them with bamboo...skewers and let them dry a bit while I prepared the anko sauce. Red dango ready, I spooned the thick mixture of anko onto the dumplings and tried one.

Much better.

Though I feel like I've rambled on a bit, the point was, I would have loved to draw something to celebrate but with the hustle and bustle of life, I was unable to. But the moon will always be there and the celebration comes every year. It's better late than never, right?



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