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by Syte , October 2, 2009—08:43 PM

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I saw the advertisement on a website and was a bit intrigued. So I went to the website.. seemed alright enough. Though I am still a bit creeped out.... maybe this will inspire me to create something..




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

10/16/2009 * 16:06:35

I think you will find that all the members of ArtId are very nice, helpful and eager to see upcoming artists succeed. Post some stuff, no one will make fun of you, or be insulting, if they are I'll kick them out.
We all started somewhere, I think you will find it liberating to get your art out there!


  Jessica Greenlee ( homepage )

10/16/2009 * 15:07:01

Creeped out?


  Syte ( homepage )

10/03/2009 * 23:29:07

Thanks! I'm always nervous when it comes to showing art. Haha. Hopefully it's up to par with the other artists here or at least, on the way there.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

10/03/2009 * 20:48:27

I'm looking forward to seeing your art when you post something.

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