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Jackie Griswold Art Blog


by swiftriverarts , August 2, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: collage, create, mood

One of the things I love about doing collage is the intuitive, organic flow in the process of creating. I gather paper, glue, glitter glue, and simply begin tearing and arranging, picking different papers to add to the mood I'm trying to create. Usually I'm working on 5 or 6 collages at the same time, moving from one to the next as I see the connections in the paper.




  Jackie ( homepage )

08/10/2009 * 19:32:21

Kelly and Millie - Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the feedback.



08/10/2009 * 11:59:32

Made a mistake--it WAS on Homepage. Millie



08/10/2009 * 11:57:02

Hi, I love this collage on Homepage. It is very good technique. The colors are beautiful. Love it. millie


  Kelly ( homepage )

08/05/2009 * 12:25:12

Your collages always attract my eye when browsing through the artist blogs -- your sense of color is quite lovely! And I agree -- those fabulous papers are so tactile, so organic. I sometimes work with paper and scraps of batik that I've saved over the years -- the more worn, the better, especially when I'm trying to break through a funk!

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