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Expresso Party

by swiftriverarts , March 29, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, Portsmouth Arts Guild, abstract art, expressionism

This painting is part of an exhibit at the Portsmouth Arts Guild in Portsmouth, RI. A couple of weeks ago I was gallery sitting and a mother and her son, who was perhaps 8 or 9, came in. Most of the other art on display was identifiable as "something." When the boy got to my painting he said to his mom "What is that?" She gave a wonderful explanation of abstract art and how it was often an expression of the artist's mood or emotions when they were painting. She then asked him what he thought the artist was thinking when it was being painted. They, of course, had no way of knowing that the artist was 15 feet away and eavesdropping! He thought about it for a minute and said "happy and sad" and when questioned further by his mother, he said that the dark grey-brown background looked sad, but all the bright colors on the front looked happy. The mother glanced at me with a smile that said "he's pretty smart, isn't he?" I couldn't remain silent any more, and told the mother that he was right on target, and introducted myself as the artist. The boy seemed quite pleased that he'd interpreted the art "correctly" and the mother was quite proud of her son.

I love having the chance to eavesdrop when people are looking at my art, especially when they have no idea I'm the artist. Of course, I like it even better when nice things are being said, but even when less positive things are being said, I learn a lot.

Acrylic and melted wax on 12 × 12 canvas - the photo doesn't really do justice to the painting.



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