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Jackie Griswold Art Blog

The Healing Nature of Art

by swiftriverarts , December 28, 2008—12:22 PM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, abstract art, acrylic, art therapy, expressionism, mixed media

The healing nature of art continues to be a theme in my painting. This painting, one of several in the "Storm" series was done early in the academic year, right after a full time faculty member had resigned with very little notice. As I scrambled to find part time faculty to teach his classes, with less than a week go go before the semester began I was feeling stressed/anxious/a little angry/a little abandoned/ and very sad to have lost a very good friend and colleague.

As I often do when I'm feeling stressed/anxious/etc. I started painting, and kept painting for quite a while. I was working with acrylics and mixed media on 6 × 6 canvases and the energy just seemed to flow out of me. Several paintings later, I was much calmer, and when my husband looked at them, he said they brought up the image/feeling of a storm to him. Thus the "Storm" series was named. It seemed to fit perfectly since I was certainly dealing with a storm of emotions.

Thanks for reading.




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02/17/2011 * 18:00:36

painting is a really good medicine when you feel some hard feelings...


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01/22/2011 * 10:30:49

It reminds me carrot or stars.....hmmm or something like my essays!


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04/03/2010 * 12:01:45

Art really can heal our souls but not our body



05/06/2009 * 09:55:54

Very readable

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