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Jackie Griswold Art Blog

Red Flower Painting - SOLD!

by swiftriverarts , November 27, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: abstract art

I recently sold 2 paintings, this one, and an abstract painting named "Blue." Both sales were a result of my partcipation in Valley Hands - Watch Art Develop, in Northampton, MA. This is a new gallery/studio where artists spend time painting in public and exhibiting their work. I spent 2 days there recently, and as a result, sold these 2 paintings.

It was great for me, someone who paints at home and has little connection with other artists, to paint in that environment. It was a little intimidating at first to be so public with my work, but the support and feedback from others was wonderful. It was also amazing to spend that much time just painting. At home I often get distracted by the laundry, the cats or other things vying for my attention. This was just pure time to paint. That I sold 2 paintings is a bonus!

Check out their website at to find out more.

Thanks for reading. You can see other work I've done at





  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

11/29/2008 * 18:46:53

Thank you both. Valley Hands is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will be back there the weekend of Dec. 12-14, along with several other artists. It's a great concept.



  Mary Lawler ( homepage )

11/28/2008 * 15:26:28

Jackie, That's good to hear. I have been getting info about that project and I am so happy to hear it was successful for you.
Congrats. I'll have to stop by when I'm in Noho too.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

11/28/2008 * 09:26:17

WELL DONE, Jackie! I will definitely check out their website. Thanks for the heads up on your sales and the new gallery space. I will stop by when I'm next in Northampton.

Hope you're having a nice holiday weekend.

president, ArtId

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