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Jackie Griswold Art Blog

Mixed media

by swiftriverarts , November 26, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, abstract art, acrylic, expressionism, mixed media

I am working a lot in mixed media using acrylic paint, various gels and other things (think spackle and caulk!) to add depth and texture, paper, dried paint "skins" and metallic paint. I'm using palette knives, rather than brushes, which lends a certain texture. It's impossible to see all of the detail in this mixed media painting. One thing I'm finding in doing mixed media work is that I have to practice patience as I allow layers to dry before adding more. This painting took several days to finish, painting, drying, reflecting on the process, adding a scrap of paper or a multicolored paint skin, more waiting for things to dry..I find myself absorbed in the process and not really thinking about the outcome. Or perhaps the process IS the outcome...



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