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Pink Ribbon

by swiftriverarts , August 2, 2008—12:00 AM

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I'm sure that most of us are aware that the pink ribbon is a symbol honoring those struggling with breast cancer. This painting/collage/mixed media work was done with great emotion. This is a close-up view of a larger work that is in my gallery

For several years my sisters and I have participated in several multi-day, multi-mile walks to raise funds for breast cancer research and education. We do it in memory of our mother and too many friends who lost the battle, and in honor of those who are fighting the good fight. I plan to donate this work to Men with Heart, an amazing group of men who've raised nearly a million dollars in the last several years. Every fall they have a large fundraising event that includes a silent auction. All of the money they've raised has gone to various organizations providing breast cancer education and care, and organizations doing research. These wonderful men also participate in the Susan Komen 3-Day Walk, the Avon 2-Day Walk, Race for the Cure, as well as other events to raise awareness and money. Please visit their website to read their story.

I'll share one memory of a walk I did several years ago - it was the 2002 Komen Walk - 3 days, 60 miles, freezing rain, sleet, snow on day 2, in May. Anyway, the morning of day 3, bright and sunny, as thousands of us, mostly women, trudged out of camp, tired, emotionally drained, perhaps not looking our best (at least speaking for myself!), a group of men in yellow shirts, stood singing "Pretty Woman." Not too many dry eyes, and renewed determination to go the distance.

OK, one more memory of the beloved Men with Heart. Last year, August, 3 days of over 90 degrees, high humidity. I was actually pulled off the walk on day one by the medical folks, because I was severely dehydrated, and told not to walk on day 2, lest they not allow me to walk on day 3. I was determined to walk across the "finish line" on day 3. So I walked, caught an event bus for a ride to a rest stop ahead, walked, got a ride, walked...I was among the last to get in - the streets of Boston were lined with people, cheering us on, spraying us with water, giving us popsicles. There were many times along the way when one of the "Men" would walk with me for a bit, make sure I was ok, and then go ahead. So as I walked the last 500 yards, I was exhausted, emotionally and physically, and just quietly crying. And there, standing in a group, cheering, clapping and encouraging me, were the Men with Heart. As I began sobbing, completely overwhelmed by emotion, I got hugs and a helping hand from the Men. May they be blessed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.




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