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Jackie Griswold Art Blog

Girl at the Beach

by swiftriverarts , July 12, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylic, painting techniques, photography

Recently I was near the ocean, and saw a little girl standing on the grass looking out over the water. It was such a sweet, innocent scene, so I snapped a photo.

While I was working on the painting, my beautiful niece, Avery Rose saw it, and decided I was painting a picture of her at the beach. How could I tell her it wasn't her? So "Girl at the Beach" will be going into the private collection of Miss Avery Rose.

Avery has an eye for detail. I had layered on drops of paint to simulate the texture of curly hair, and she immediately figured out how I'd done it. I'm trying out new painting techniques and loving the flexibility of acrylic paint.



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