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Jackie Griswold Art Blog

Playing with Color

by swiftriverarts , July 12, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, acrylic, art therapy, expressionism, impressionism, mixed media, painting techniques

I'm having fun experimenting and playing with color, and trying new painting techniques. This one is painted on acrylic paint paper. The burst of color in the middle has some sparkles in it from using a little glitter glue mixed into the paint. I wish you could see the subtle shimmer that the deep blue has.

To me, it evokes a sense of calm energy, if there is such a thing...when I'm painting I feel a calming energy coming over me as I get lost in the colors. It is a lovely form of art therapy.





  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

07/13/2008 * 20:50:07

I love the simple beauty of this. It has the feel of a waterfall. Caroline

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