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Springfield Museum of Fine Arts

by swiftriverarts , July 4, 2008—02:08 PM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, Museum of Fine Arts, abstract art, photography

I recently took my niece Avery (see previous blog entry) to visit the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts. I had my camera with me because I wanted to take some photos of the architecture of the buildings in the Quadrangle where the museum sits. She wanted to take photos of various paintings, and it was fascinating to observe her as she was deciding which paintings to photograph. She took photos of paintings that had sailboats in them for Uncle Art, my husband, who loves sailing. She took photos of a few abstract paintings because she knows I like abstract art. She even took a photo of a nude woman because she was so surprised that there would be a painting of a nude woman in a museum. "Why would someone want to paint a picture of a naked lady, Ami?" (She calls me Ami because she couldn't say Auntie when she was little - Ami stuck). Anyway, try explaining why someone would want to paint a picture of a naked lady to a 6 year old..

But the picture you see here was the most interesting one she took. This is a tiny detail on a much larger painting. Some of you who are more familiar with art may recognize it - I can't tell you who the painter was. Avery took about 5 minutes to figure out exactly what she wanted to photograph in this painting, and with enormous patience kept at it until she had just the right shot. When I asked her why she was trying to get that detail, she just said "I like that part." What better reason to take a photo?



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