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Jackie Griswold Art Blog

Avery Rose

by swiftriverarts , July 3, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Museum of Fine Arts, photography

This is a photo of my beautiful niece, Avery Rose. Wish I could say I took the photo, but it was taken by my talented nephew Matt ( who is a professionally trained photographer.

Avery is 6 - I've mentioned her a couple times in this blog. From the time she was about 2 she was beading along with me, her mom and my other sister; she loves to paint and draw. She and I spend a lot of time together. A couple weeks ago we went to the Springfield (MA) Museum of Fine Arts. Avery must have taken 100 photographs of paintings, and it was fascinating to watch what she thought worthy of photography.

That same day she spotted a 3' x 6' piece of plywood my husband had set aside while he was cleaning out the basement. She immediately asked if she and I could have it to paint on. He wisely said yes. She had a clear theme in mind - hand prints. We blocked the wood off into smaller rectangles which she painted, and she then persuaded everyone who happened to walk into the house to let her paint their hands so their hand prints could be part of her painting. For 3 days she refused to let her dad enter my house when he came to pick her up after day camp - this painting was going to be a surprise! When she finally unveiled it, she was so excited. It is now hanging in her house.

She's also a great critic - I like that one, I don't like that one....and she understands the sales side of the art business. She really likes a painting I did of a sail boat, and said in all seriousness to her dad - "I think I'm going to buy that painting." I told her that one wasn't for sale, but I did have another painting of a sailboat she could buy. It was a much simpler painting done on a piece of cedar shingle. She liked it and asked how much it cost. I told her that for her it would be $2 - a large sum for a child who gets $.50 a week for allowance. She asked how much it would have been for someone else, and I told her $15. Recognizing a bargain, she ran off to ask her dad to float her a loan! She came back with $.95 in change and asked if she could give me the rest of the money the next day. We sealed the deal, and she left happily - a 6 year old patron of the arts...

Thank you for reading my ramblings about Avery Rose.




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

07/04/2008 * 14:04:43

A beautiful child indeed. Your experience with her, will most likely influence the course of her life in some way. I was about her age when my grandmother brought me a brand new tin of Prang Watercolors and a pad of watercolor paper for me to keep. I had watched her paint flowers and landscapes and it looked like magic to me.
She sat me beside her and with very few words showed me what to do.
I chose a different course in art , not painting, but it was her willingness to encourage a child that set me on the path of an artists life.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

07/03/2008 * 12:47:52

What an absolutely beautiful child...and a budding artist, too! Thanks for sharing, Jackie

President ArtId

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