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Jackie Griswold Art Blog

Olive Tree

by swiftriverarts , June 18, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Jackie Griswold, abstract art, acrylic, expressionism, impressionism

I first named this painting "Lemon Tree" but my sister-in-law thought it should be called "Olive Tree" because it looks like the olives one puts in martinis. I defer to her wisdom.

I used several 'techniques' on this painting. The yellow/green background is watered down acrylic paint to create the look of watercolors. I then used a round sponge for the green on the tree, applied the browns of the trunk with a thick brush, layering the paint on thickly. I wasn't sure if I was done or not, so I put it aside for a bit. When I came back to it, I squirted drops of yellow directly from a bottle of acrylic paint, the took a brush to add the orange dots.

To be honest, I started out with something else in mind, which is what often happens. I never quite know where the paint and my mood will take me. I am relatively new to painting, and am having a lovely time experimenting with different styles, techniques and ideas.

Thanks for looking.



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