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Jackie Griswold

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Bronze Guitar

by swiftriverarts , January 27, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: GUITAR, Palmer MA, collage, mixed media

This is the first in a new series of guitars, inspired by my youngest son who is a musician. This painting and several others will be on display at the Palmer (MA) Public Library from February 1 - 28, 2011 in a solo exhibit… Continue reading… 2 comments


by swiftriverarts , July 17, 2010—06:53 AM

Topics: collage, mixed media

I'm taking at painting class this summer at Holyoke Community College and this is one of the pieces I've done. it's about 30 _ 30. I really like mixed media work, and have included paint, newsprint, scrapbook paper, various texture mediums, and a final coat of clear gloss medium… Continue reading… 1 comment

This summer I took a painting class at the community college where I teach in the human services program. In class we did a lot of still life paintings, and I learned a lot. However, I often felt very constrained by the assignments in class, so I knew my final project would move away from the order and structure of class. This is the final project for my painting class. It__™s a 42″ square, as yet untitled. My inspiration was the dried paint on palette paper___it seemed wasteful to just throw it away, and sometimes the dried paint was really lovely in design. So I began saving my own palette papers, and rescuing the palette papers that other students had thrown away. Then I decided to soak the layers of dried paint off the wooden palettes in the painting studio… Continue reading… 3 comments


by swiftriverarts , June 6, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: collage, mixed media

This mixed media collage - acrylic paint with paper flowers - was a lot of fun to make… Continue reading… 0 comments

The theme of the upcoming show at the Portsmouth Artists Guild in Portsmouth, RI is "Imagine Yellow." This is one of 3 works I'm submitting. It's a mixed media collage with acrylic and watercolor paint, fabric, paper, ribbon, fake flowers, glitter glue, and the word "imagine" in several different typefaces scattered across the surface. It's 24 _ 24 _ 3. The support is a recycled store display. My sister works in a women's retail clothing store and when they switch floor layouts they just throw these things away. She rescues them for me! It's really heavy cardboard with a surface that is canvas-like. I first painted it with Kilz to cover up the picture that was on it, then covered it with tissue paper for a textured foundation… Continue reading… 0 comments

Vocanic Eruption

by swiftriverarts , April 11, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, collage, mixed media

This piece was accepted into the Monson Arts Council "GAIA" Spring Show. It's is mixed media on mat board… Continue reading… 0 comments

This paper and watercolor collage has also been accepted into the Portsmouth Artists Guild's "Works on Paper" Exhibit… Continue reading… 0 comments

Work in progress

by swiftriverarts , February 15, 2009—05:40 PM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, collage, mixed media

Lately I've been working with little 6" _ 6" or 4" _ 4" canvases. Yesterday I began working on a 4' x 4' piece of masonite. My husband built a frame for it to provide stability. I began by gluing sheets of paper, canvas and bit of fabric in a patchwork fashion onto the masonite. Now I'm adding paint, and other embellishments to this collage painting - this photo is the work in progress. I'll post more as I go along - who knows what it will look like when I finish… Continue reading… 1 comment

Three Leaves

by swiftriverarts , January 11, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, mixed, mixed media

This highly textured mixed media painting has layers of paper, paint and metallic paint. Lately I'm drawn to the deep rich color of copper paint, along with silver and gold paint… Continue reading… 0 comments

The healing nature of art continues to be a theme in my painting. This painting, one of several in the "Storm" series was done early in the academic year, right after a full time faculty member had resigned with very little notice. As I scrambled to find part time faculty to teach his classes, with less than a week go go before the semester began I was feeling stressed/anxious/a little angry/a little abandoned/ and very sad to have lost a very good friend and colleague. As I often do when I'm feeling stressed/anxious/etc. I started painting, and kept painting for quite a while. I was working with acrylics and mixed media on 6 _ 6 canvases and the energy just seemed to flow out of me… Continue reading… 4 comments

Valley Hands: Watch Art Develop

by swiftriverarts , December 11, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: abstract art, mixed media

This weekend I'll be in Northampton, MA at Valley Hands on Pleasant Street. As I've mentioned in another blog posting, Valley Hands is a gallery/open studio in a storefront. Five artists will be there this weekend, creating and exhibiting our art. I was there a few weekends ago and it was a blast. If anyone is in the area, Valley Hands is open Friday 2-8, Saturday and Sunday 12-5. Stop by to chat - and Watch Art Develop. www.valleyhands… Continue reading… 0 comments

I am working a lot in mixed media using acrylic paint, various gels and other things (think spackle and caulk!) to add depth and texture, paper, dried paint "skins" and metallic paint. I'm using palette knives, rather than brushes, which lends a certain texture. It's impossible to see all of the detail in this mixed media painting. One thing I'm finding in doing mixed media work is that I have to practice patience as I allow layers to dry before adding more. This painting took several days to finish, painting, drying, reflecting on the process, adding a scrap of paper or a multicolored paint skin, more waiting for things to dry..I find myself absorbed in the process and not really thinking about the outcome. Or perhaps the process IS the outcome..… Continue reading… 0 comments

Mixed media collage

by swiftriverarts , August 22, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Abstract Expressionism, mixed media

I'm not sure that you'll be able to see the detail in this collage, but I thought I'd post it anyway. It's done on an 8 _ 10 piece of mat board. I painted the entire surface with purple acrylic paint, then randomly swirled embroidery thread onto the paint, and let it dry. The paint served as a glue for the thread. I then brushed on gold acrylic paint. The vertical rectangles are pieces of scrapbooking paper with images of people printed in gold. The horizontal rectangles are words like love, friend, community, joy, and so on. Finally I coated the entire surface with 2 coats of Modge Podge to seal it. I'm really enjoying working on mixed media pieces because I can bring in so many other elements and textures into play in the design of the work. Thanks for looking at my blog… Continue reading… 1 comment

Recently I became a Member Artist at Gallery 137 in Indian Orchard, MA. It's a lovely gallery that is part of the Indian Orchard Main Street Partnership. One reason I joined is so that I could participate in the First Annual Members Juried Show that begins at the Dane Gallery at the Indian Orchard Mills on Saturday, July 26, 2008. There is an opening reception at the Dane from 1-3 p.m. on July 26, and an Awards Reception at Gallery 137 on August 2, 2008 from 3-5 p.m. This is the first time I've exhibited any of my paintings. "The Garden," pictured above is one of the three paintings I dropped off at the Dane Gallery this afternoon. I am very excited, and would truly welcome comments/criticisms/praise about the work I'm doing… Continue reading… 0 comments

I am very excited about the color studies I've been doing. I read on another blog that an artist should define his/her "style" and create a body of work in that style. The article went on to say the artist should never stray from that style. I don't know that I agree with that, but I am having a wonderful time right now, trying new painting and mixed media techniques to create very colorful work. I have taken pictures of several other pieces I've done lately, and will be getting them up on my site at http://artid 0 comments

I'm experimenting with mixed media and other painting techniques as I work on a "series" of color studies. This painting is done on a big piece of matboard. I glued random strips of matboard and crumpled pieces of tissue paper onto the board to add a little depth and texture. Broad strokes of color give a sense of energy and excitement. Thank you for looking… Continue reading… 0 comments

I'm having fun experimenting and playing with color, and trying new painting techniques. This one is painted on acrylic paint paper. The burst of color in the middle has some sparkles in it from using a little glitter glue mixed into the paint. I wish you could see the subtle shimmer that the deep blue has. To me, it evokes a sense of calm energy, if there is such a thing...when I'm painting I feel a calming energy coming over me as I get lost in the colors. It is a lovely form of art therapy… Continue reading… 1 comment

I have been exploring color, and working with mixed media and other painting techniques. Painting is so therapeutic. This painting was done on mat board. My inner child is having a wonderful time breaking rules and coloring outside the lines in a series of color studies. I first glued wrinkled tissue paper in dark green, lime green, and teal on the board, let it dry a bit, and then began painting over the tissue paper. There is a wonderful texture and depth in the painting that is harder to see in the photo. The big patch of yellow in the middle just seemed to need the dark green, almost black, stripe to complete the mood. I got my camera back from the repair shop, so I have a lot of new paintings to post on my site at Thanks for looking 0 comments