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Jackie Griswold

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Orange Poppies

by swiftriverarts , February 14, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: art therapy, impressionism

I've lived in New England all my life. This has been a bad winter everywhere, but a few warm days in February have given me hope that Spring is around the corner...I started painting one day and found myself painting a series of flowers - this is the first - bright orange poppies on yellow background. My art tends to express my mood, whether I'm aware of it at the time or not. Art is truly my therapy… Continue reading… 0 comments

More sailboats

by swiftriverarts , July 17, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: impressionism

This is another painting I did for my husband, who loves to sail. We recently bought an old sailboat, and it's sitting in a boatyard in Maryland, waiting for us to go rescue it. We'll be taking it to Newport, RI and sailing in and around Narragansett Bay. My husband's sister lives in Newport, and works for Sail Newport, the state's sailing school. Until we get the boat up here though, he has to be content looking at the sailboat paintings I've done for him. This one is mostly in greys and blues, and is reminiscent of the view from the dock at Sail Newport. Please visit to see some of my other work 0 comments


by swiftriverarts , July 14, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: impressionism

My husband is a sailor, and loves all things to do with sailing, so every once in a while I take a break from the color saturated abstract painting I'm doing, and paint a picture of a sailboat for him. This is done on a leftover piece of cedar shingle, and uses mostly brown acrylic paint, with a little yellow thrown in. This is more of an Impressionist style than I usually do, and suggests the harbor at dusk or dawn, after the sails have been taken down for the day. You can view other work that I've done at http://artidContinue reading… 0 comments

I'm having fun experimenting and playing with color, and trying new painting techniques. This one is painted on acrylic paint paper. The burst of color in the middle has some sparkles in it from using a little glitter glue mixed into the paint. I wish you could see the subtle shimmer that the deep blue has. To me, it evokes a sense of calm energy, if there is such a thing...when I'm painting I feel a calming energy coming over me as I get lost in the colors. It is a lovely form of art therapy… Continue reading… 1 comment

Pink Sunrise

by swiftriverarts , June 22, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: acrylic, impressionism

I was experimenting with color and different brush strokes when I did this painting highlighting the pinks and grays of the sunrise viewed from across a river. The softened lines remind me of the work of the Impressionists. I think it evokes a calm, centered mood, a feeling of peacefulness at the beginning of the day… Continue reading… 0 comments

Lavender Hydrangeas

by swiftriverarts , June 19, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: abstract art, acrylic, impressionism

So, after finishing another painting, I had leftover pinks, red, and purples...I began by layering the pinks and reds on the canvas as a background, having no idea where I'd go next. The vase came next, and then the lavender hydrangeas appeared. I was all set to add green stems and leaves, because, after all, flowers don't just float above the vase, stemless. Then I realized that in this painting, lavender hydrangeas did, in fact, float stemless above the purple vase, and that the painting was as it should be. Thanks for reading my blog… Continue reading… 0 comments

I first named this painting "Lemon Tree" but my sister-in-law thought it should be called "Olive Tree" because it looks like the olives one puts in martinis. I defer to her wisdom. I used several 'techniques' on this painting. The yellow/green background is watered down acrylic paint to create the look of watercolors. I then used a round sponge for the green on the tree, applied the browns of the trunk with a thick brush, layering the paint on thickly. I wasn't sure if I was done or not, so I put it aside for a bit. When I came back to it, I squirted drops of yellow directly from a bottle of acrylic paint, the took a brush to add the orange dots. To be honest, I started out with something else in mind, which is what often happens… Continue reading… 0 comments

Red Skiff

by swiftriverarts , June 9, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: impressionism

This painting is in a private collection, but it is one of my favorites, so I wanted to share it. When I was about 8 years old, my family spent a week on vacation in Owl's Head, Maine. The house we stayed in overlooked a cove. That vacation remains one of my fondest memories, nearly 50 years later… Continue reading… 0 comments

I don't know what I'd call the style of my paintings - sometimes they are inspired by Impressionism, or Expressionism, or Abstract Expressionism, or my own eclectic melding of different styles. What I do know is that painting is enormously fun and rewarding for me. I could spend hours in my 'studio' lost in the paints, escaping to the world of my inner 5 year old. I usually paint on canvas board, and sell most of the paintings unframed. They can be hung unframed, or placed in the frame of your choosing… Continue reading… 0 comments