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Jackie Griswold

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I have been exploring color, and working with mixed media and other painting techniques. Painting is so therapeutic. This painting was done on mat board. My inner child is having a wonderful time breaking rules and coloring outside the lines in a series of color studies. I first glued wrinkled tissue paper in dark green, lime green, and teal on the board, let it dry a bit, and then began painting over the tissue paper. There is a wonderful texture and depth in the painting that is harder to see in the photo. The big patch of yellow in the middle just seemed to need the dark green, almost black, stripe to complete the mood. I got my camera back from the repair shop, so I have a lot of new paintings to post on my site at Thanks for looking 0 comments

This abstract painting has an apple green background. The black rectangle has touches of brown and orange. One of the fun things about abstract art is that you can hang it in whatever direction seems right to you. And you can see whatever it is that you see... As with many of my paintings, this started out to be something completely different. However, I'd read the blog posted by "mize" about the 10 foot rule, stepped back from the painting, and knew this one was done. Thank you, "mize" for contributing to my art education… Continue reading… 1 comment

My mother-in-law used to take me and my young sons to the Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. I used to buy note cards of famous painting to take home and frame. Little did I know that it was Abstract Expressionism that I was drawn to. I discovered this years later when I was on a search committee for an art history faculty member at the college where I teach. Their teaching demo was on the topic "Abstract Expressionism." So here's my take on Abstract Expressionist art in bright blues, turquoise and purples - use your imagination - it could be the night sky, the ocean...whatever you see in it. Thank you for taking a look at my art and my blog. I'd love to hear your feedback… Continue reading… 1 comment