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I was Born in Boston, MA Jan 3, 1956 and then moved across the bay to Squantum in Quincy. I had no formal training in the arts other than a drawing and painting class or 2 in High School. My Dad gave me my first camera, a manual shutter Konica rangefinder with no light meter, when I was 16. It was one he got during the Korean War and though it was 20 years old when he gave it to me I cherish it to this day. At 21 I bought darkroom equipment including a Besler 23C enlarger.

Over the years I also painted in watercolors but it was more off than on until 2006. After an extended session of unemployment I decided I wanted to get better artistically and worked harder at it. I also knew I needed to take some lessons and am fortunate that Elaine Farmer in Londonderry, NH had a spot open for me. I'm now doing both watercolors and oils and I try and use my own photography work as a reference. In May 2007 I participated in my first Art Exhibit 'Art in Action', in Londonderry, NH.

Participated in the following Art Shows:

Moonlight Meadery Feb 2012

Minor Threat Pop Up Gallery Concord NH August 2011

Londonderry Art in Action May 2007, 08, 09, 10, 11

Londonderry Art in Action Oct 2009

Sunview Art Show June 2008, Oct 2009

Londonderry Art on the Common Sept. 2008

Derry Public Library Oct. 2008

Hampstead Public Library Jan. 2009

Artist of the Month Manchester Artist Association

May, Nov 2009, March 2010


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