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Sheila Wedegis Art Blog

Scam Going Around

by swedegis , November 2, 2010—08:12 AM

Topics: scams

I was recently contacted through artid from a Stanley Jackson wanting to buy one of my original paintings. I emailed back then his return email is misspelled words and grammar off. He would "send a Mediterranean shipping co" and I would send him my paypal info.

Just wanted you all to be aware. sigh. Sheila




  Andrew Summerville ( homepage )

01/26/2011 * 09:43:53

1.26.2011 I received a letter of intent from Patrick Acompora of 'Bellwood, Ill' to purchase one of our high-end chessboards from He of course wanted his own shipping company to pick the board up, and he wanted to transact through PayPal, but was asking for other non-pertinent information that had scam written all over it. Watch out for this guy!


  Nancy McNeal

01/24/2011 * 11:47:36

A person named Anna Smerthon contacted me and was interested in buying 2 paintings. I was so excited and after some thought I realized that my sending her money after she overpaid me by 200.00 seemed very fishy!! so ----
I wish there was something we could do to stop this stuff



01/10/2011 * 22:15:06

Watch for this one:
Patrick Acompora
Same basics- he wanted my Paypal info-even tho I said twice I'd send the invoice. He offered a "link" to paypal within the text-I clicked before thinking, so I have changed my paypal password twice & removed my address & town from my Art ID profile.


  joan engelmeyer ( homepage )

12/20/2010 * 01:02:31

I believe he's changed his name to John Phillip. Beware! Thankfully it sounded a little fishy (he's an oceanographer) and we checked out the artid home page...
Makes me very sad indeed.


  Donna Favreau ( homepage )

12/19/2010 * 22:38:35

I just received a request for one of my paintings from a John Phillip with multiple misspellings and incorrect grammer, looking for a paypal account and a 3rd party shipper!! Anyone recognise as a scammer?



  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

11/05/2010 * 14:04:41

Robin, Sheila,
This person's email address has been reported but we know that they will be back under another email address with a slightly altered scam. We try to alert members when we discover a scam, but we had no idea of the scope of this guy or how many artists he targeted.
He left a comment on the home page blog claiming he is not a scammer, but we know better. No legitimate person would have you pay for the shipping ahead of time or ask you to send them a painting AND $1,300.00.
Please, please be suspicious, and be your own best advocate.


  Robyn Louisell ( homepage )

11/05/2010 * 08:44:18

Thanks Sheila !


  Robyn Louisell ( homepage )

11/05/2010 * 08:43:46

Well looks like he got me too. I told him one he made payment I would ship his piece, but, I did not give any info other than once I seen payment was made I could ship. I look at it as if they can make the payment the way I stipulate then I will ship. I never give out my paypal info. That would also be like the kiss of death too.
So lets say that Artid needs to follow up and turn him over to their legal department in order to protect us.


  Jody Noelle Coughlin ( homepage )

11/04/2010 * 00:30:01

Sigh indeed. Sigh and moan and groan and shake your fists at such a cruel joke. He found me too. I hate him.


  Jody Coughlin ( homepage )

11/03/2010 * 23:50:19

He also contacted me. I almost fell for it. What a shameful thing for someone to do.


  denise ( homepage )

11/02/2010 * 16:15:39

He tried to contact me today about selling one of my paintings. He is still using the same email address!

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