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Sheila Wedegis Art Blog

Somedays are Tough

by swedegis , April 3, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Labrador retriever, Labs, Sheila Wedegis, portrait

After weeks and months of feeling crappy from taking BP meds and working through it all anyway I needed to take time for me today. I call this painting "5 O'Clock Somewhere"

Our Labs favorite thing to do is jump in the pool after the tennis ball, but now I look at it and their eagerness inspires me. I've been doing the nothing is selling, nothing is good dance today.. and I'm doing what I love...just like Sammy and Fergus.

Almost time for Jeopardy..we all jump on the couch looking for space..sometimes the Labs can "run" a whole catagory!!





05/31/2015 * 10:09:16

Love this one, looks like our two boys, Monty(black) and Remy(chocolate)


  Elizabeth macchio ( homepage )

04/05/2009 * 17:59:10

Love the painting. And good for you for getting over the doldrums and painting. I love jeopardy too!!! Are the questions getting easier or am I getting smarter. Well anyway keep painting!!!

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