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Sheila Wedegis Art Blog

A Quick Post

by swedegis , February 25, 2009—10:26 PM

Topics: Labrador retriever, Sheila Wedegis, doubt demons, expressive

Joined and absolutely no idea what it is about.

This piece is a change of color in the Lab/ Instead of Pthalo blue and Alizerin I used Paynes Grey. Interesting response to it when I first put it on Ebay..None. People seemed to like the bright colors that I used.

Those little "Doubt Demons" have been chattering in my ear for the past few days. They appear every so often and chat about prices, Labs Vs. other work that people might like. That gets the brain going.."am I really doing what I'm supposed to be doing"? Of course I am...I'm miserable in a 9-5 "job". Am I painting what I'm suppoded to be painting?

Going to bed now...paint what you love Sheila.



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