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Sheila Wedegis Art Blog

Back To Work I go

by swedegis , February 23, 2009—03:47 PM

Topics: Labrador retriever, Labs, Sheila Wedegis, bold color, expressive, limited palette, oils, small painitings

I've been doing small quick paintings trying to find the perfect one for a larger piece. I think I would have liked to see more of her tail though. Ah..foreshortening 101...

Thinking I shouldn't have taken all of yesterday has been a "where did I put that??" day. And of course when I walk around the house looking for the brush I just used for 15 minutes frustrated only to find I used it to keep my hair up. How did I remember? I bent over to hug one of the furkids and painted a stripe down the wall. Sigh.

Back to later, Sheila



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