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Sheila Wedegis Art Blog

Some New Ideas for Work

by swedegis , February 21, 2009—01:27 PM

Topics: Labrador retriever, Labs, Sheila Wedegis, limited palette, oils

I take a zillion..yes a zillion photos of the Labs when we go to the dog park. I love how they sweep across the field. My oldest Sophie doesn't care to sweep with the boys so I brought a frisbee and she flew after it.

Love the Canon Rebel as it takes quick pics in a row so I caught Soph getting the frisbee and turning. I do smaller fast pieces for Ebay and I did this one today. I have a feeling this may be a larger, more refined piece. Thanks for stopping by.

Chat later, Sheila




  Mary ( homepage )

02/21/2009 * 14:14:45

You are such an inspiration Sheila. I have been taking lots of pictures of my black cat, Shadow. He is 14 now and I can see him starting to decline. He gets into the most fabulous kitty yoga poses. But what I love the best is the black graphic shapes he makes. I used him as my basis for a paper quilting "One Eyed Jack" and now that I am attempting painting I will try to capture him. Animals never cease to give one an unending source of great subject matter.

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