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Sheila Wedegis Art Blog

Guests are gone.

by swedegis , February 20, 2009—05:34 PM

Topics: Labrador retriever, Labs, Sheila Wedegis, oils

Well our friends left for home today. Ray and his 16 year old Lab Mr. Shaq. We had such fun for two weeks..4 Labs in the house eyeing the couch and chaise. If Shaq got the couch then only one person could share, squeezing in on the end. If Roger and I got the couch first then we also had Fergus and Sammy. Ray had the chaise with Shaq, Rays feet over the arm and on an added stool. Sophie took the floor grumbling. The chaise is hers. Add wine and life is good.

Sunday is my sons birthday. For over a week now I kept thinling he was going to be 37. sigh. I was wrong..he's going to be 36!! I am renewed..I got a year back.

Chat later, Sheila



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