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Sheila Wedegis Art Blog

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by swedegis , February 7, 2009—04:18 PM

Topics: Labrador retriever, Labs

We moved to Florida 9 years ago this July and I thought then..perfect, I can do all the art shows around. Then that October .my Mother died and six days later my Dad followed her. What saved my sanity was my husband giving me a black Lab puppy for Christmas. I was having panic attacks and wouldn't leave the house. Needless to say with my shy sweet little Sophie I needed to go out. So together we went into the world and I started to aint what I love the Labrador Retriever.

I had a cute red Cabrio Convertible and traded that for a huge Dodge van and started hauling and schlepping from show to show. Some were good for me, some weren't. We added two more Labs to the mix. They stayed home with Roger while I traveled and I remember the weekend in Atlanta thinking..I can't do this one more time. So..sold the canopy and all the trappings to a young artist who was so excited to start her traveling.

Small quick studies of labs were put on eBay and I found a whole new audience. Made contacts, friends. I'm still there but found ArtID..perfect timing I thought..I need to stretch paint new pieces, work on a series..

So..I hope you all come back to see what I come up with.

Chat again soon, Sheila




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

02/07/2009 * 20:12:29

Your paintings of labs have such personality. I had a black lab years ago, I still miss her. Looking forward to seeing more puppy faces and reading more on your blog.

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