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Ilona Svetluska About

Former diplomat and translator, passionate about colors and their combinations, I use acrylics and let my arm paint without self-censorship. My paintings also hold a healing message and are meant to be good and supportive friends. Add Comment


got into therapies and healing already after high school. In 1998 I took the first course in kinesiology One Brain and started having clients. I thought it helpful to attend reiki courses and after the second I somehow could read tarot cards and I also got the gift of automatic drawing. In the meantime I worked as a translator of esoteric books (e.g. Conversations with God for Children by Neale D. Walsch) and felt the urge to go on studying. I finished the Humanities in Pilsen, Czech Republic in 2004 and meanwhile I was teaching English and doing more therapies (Family Constellations).

Since 2005 I am based in Brussels where I work and here I also studied International Politics (MA obtained in 2009). Not to forget during my 7 years in Brussels I spent much time meditating and living in a Diamond Way Buddhist Center. And I could also mention that in 2009 I worked as a diplomat for the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU.


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