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A Sales Forum

by suzsaber , July 28, 2010—12:00 AM

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Today, our co-op gallery (Corner Gallery, Ukiah) started an online forum exploring ideas for salesmanship, and selling art in our gallery, and upping sales in general.I plan on posting some good ideas we come across here on artid as well.If you are a member of artid, you are probably a little more savvy than many brick-and-mortar gallery artists when it comes to social networking, but, who knows? you might like some of the ideas for talking to potential customers. I have already received some interesting one-on-one sales techniques from one of our members who worked in sales in the San Francisco area for a railroad! These guys were not goofing around when they approached potential clients, and I was impressed on what he wrote. (I'll post his letter, later, with his permission.) Also, as a note to artid, I am suggesting to any of our gallery members who don't have a website, (yeah, I know unbelievable these days!) that they open a gallery here, on artid and take advantage of this innovative place! Later, gators Susan




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

07/28/2010 * 23:41:31

I shall have to look in on your gallery when I next get up Ukiah way. One of the pitfalls I've noticed that artists in a co-op gallery have to look out for at public receptions--getting involved in chatting with the other artists when they should be greeting visitors, who may be strangers, and making them feel welcome. Many artists have trouble moving into the meet and greet role, but it does so help with sales.

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