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Susan Spencer Art Blog

Body Of Work

by suzsaber , July 7, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: artavenue, assemblage, collage, mixedmedia

A favorite art blog of mine is Chuck DeWolfe's "Selling Art Blog". . This week he posted concerning "a body of work". It hit home both in our studio, and at the co-op gallery we belong to. (Corner Gallery in Ukiah)

So let it be said, again, a body of work is not necessarily everything you've done recently. Better maybe to coin the phrase, "a cohesive body of work." Let me give an example:

This month, at the gallery, we all had the opportunity to invite "a friend" to show next door in our sister gallery. I was one of five to hang that show. We gave each guest his/her own space to show 2-3 pieces of work.

How simple to hang 3 cohesive pieces. (same media, same pallette, similar frames.) How difficult to hang 3 unrelated works. (ie: watercolor in metal frame, oil in wood frame,and an unframed piece.) It's something to consider both for a gallery, and for your portfolio. If you must show your versatility in your portfolio, have separate tagged areas for each body. (Say, 2009 watercolors, and 2008 mixed media, or sculpture, or whatever.)

Chuck goes on to give compelling reasons for working on several pieces within a "body of work" at the same time. When I have followed this practice, I feel my work has grown exponentially. It gives a chance to experiment and stretch with each piece and to learn and implement as you go.

With that said, here at Art Avenue, I am starting 3 new collage pieces to be worked at the same time. I don't often work in collage, but want to explore the idea of having wall work to back up our more sculptural assemblage pieces. 3 pieces have already been completed, so now it is time to stretch out and work simultaneously on a few. I'll post photos when they are finished...

Later Gators, Susan




  Mike Bell ( homepage )

07/10/2010 * 18:18:06

Agree with comments already posted .Nearly always work on at least 3 pieces at a time .Some of the Landscape themes I work on go back several years & have developed with time subtle changes .
Very rarely do "one offs" except perhaps for a commission.
best of luck to all .


  Roberta ( homepage )

07/10/2010 * 04:54:16

I couldnt agree more! I always do more than "1" piece to a theme im working on. You can never know how far you can push yourself to explore hidden opportunities. Doing just one painting never quite brings you there. I do a minimum of 6 on a theme, this way while one is drying you move on to the next and build that one on the first one and so on and so on! Play!

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