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A Sales Forum

by suzsaber , July 28, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: artavenue, cornergalleryukiah

Today, our co-op gallery (Corner Gallery, Ukiah) started an online forum exploring ideas for salesmanship, and selling art in our gallery, and upping sales in general.I plan on posting some good ideas we come across here on artid as well.If you are a member of artid, you are probably a little more savvy than many brick-and-mortar gallery artists when it comes to social networking, but, who knows? you might like some of the ideas for talking to potential customers. I have already received some interesting one-on-one sales techniques from one of our members who worked in sales in the San Francisco area for a railroad! These guys were not goofing around when they approached potential clients, and I was impressed on what he wrote. (I'll post his letter, later, with his permission… Continue reading… 1 comment

Body Of Work

by suzsaber , July 7, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: artavenue, assemblage, collage, mixedmedia

A favorite art blog of mine is Chuck DeWolfe's "Selling Art Blog". . This week he posted concerning "a body of work". It hit home both in our studio, and at the co-op gallery we belong to. (Corner Gallery in Ukiah) So let it be said, again, a body of work is not necessarily everything you've done recently. Better maybe to coin the phrase, "a cohesive body of work." Let me give an example: This month, at the gallery, we all had the opportunity to invite "a friend" to show next door in our sister gallery. I was one of five to hang that show. We gave each guest his/her own space to show 2-3 pieces of work. How simple to hang 3 cohesive pieces. (same media, same pallette, similar frames.) How difficult to hang 3 unrelated works… Continue reading… 2 comments