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Susan Landino Edwards Guestbook



  Ernie Nettleton

07/23/2017 * 12:52:19

Susan (and often Kathy by my mistake),
How can you be such an outstanding floral artist and lovely person at the same time? With Blessings, Ernie



02/25/2015 * 07:20:31

Truly gorgeous works of art!


  Mary Exline ( homepage )

12/11/2012 * 22:25:46

Your paintings are amazing. I keep thinking they must be photographs. They are so real and beautiful.


  Debra Spegal ( homepage )

12/11/2010 * 11:45:13

Your work is so beautiful.


  Carol Greenlee

10/04/2010 * 01:20:43

Everyone above has the same opinions of your florals. Congrats on the IA third prize.
Your passion for your subject certainly is apparent in your work.
Thanks for the beauty your art adds to a sometimes unbeautiful world.


  Ellie Vanderbeck

08/11/2010 * 15:32:31

Met you at the Hospital, hope you enjoyed your Italian dinner!!

Your paintings are fabulous!! Hope to make it to a show!!

Best to you,



  Janeice Silberman ( homepage )

05/16/2010 * 11:06:18

I have seen your beautiful works in person at Yellow Springs Art Show.
Nice to see them here again online.


  Linda Riggan

03/30/2010 * 01:33:29

Just ran across your work while brousing ArtID---just wanted to let you know how beautiful it is---wish I could see it in person.


  Randy White

02/23/2010 * 21:47:13

Your paintings are simply amazing!


  Debbie ( homepage )

02/23/2010 * 17:46:02

Hey Susan - Absolutely beautiful work. Love the shading you use to make the flowers 3-D. So realistic!


  bev McCullough ( homepage )

11/07/2009 * 16:35:02

hi susan...beautiful works...


  Sharon R.Eshleman

10/05/2009 * 12:19:48

Hi Susan
It was great to see you.Wow it's been alot of years. I googled and found your web site. Your paintings are just gorgeous.I had no idea that you were an artist. What an awesome accomplishment. Am I remembering that maybe your Mother did some painting? I must find an art gallery where your paintings are shown. I'm sure they are even more beautiful there then viewing your web.
Wishing you many more years of continued success. I'm glad I know.



  Larry Davis

10/05/2009 * 08:47:54

Hi Susan,

Your work is incredible. I didn't know you were so talented.

Love to talk to you sometime.

Hope your doing well.


  George Aulthouse

10/04/2009 * 21:31:30

Hi Susan, You're quite the Artist, beautiful work. I really liked the Sea Shell Rose,continued success. We'll talk again. George


  Ron Eckman

10/04/2009 * 10:35:54

Hey Susan
I am so pleased to finally know what an accomplished artist you are. Maybe if I had paid more attention in high school I would have picked up that you were a talent on your way up.



  Rod Adams ( homepage )

09/16/2008 * 18:10:36

Wonderful works!!!


  Dr jehangeer Quereishi

03/22/2008 * 04:02:58

dear susan
i'm being with your work this is fantastic. it touches the heart. i'm botanist and teach that subject your natural paintings is really teach a teacher. Your work is lovely. i'm doing also painting. please suggest me. thanks a lot
Dr jehangeer quereishi
Deedwana Rajasthan,


  Els & Larry Little

03/01/2008 * 09:42:52

Hi Suzie,
We met on the bus to NY. Your painting are lovely. Larry & Els


  Reenie Kennedy ( homepage )

01/21/2008 * 12:11:43

I love to see your paintings pop up on ArtID. They are just exquisite. I am curious as to your art education. I renewed my own interest in painting after a long hiatis, but to achieve anything as accomplished as your work, is a capability to which I can only aspire. I truly admire your talent.


  Maria Owens ( homepage )

08/21/2007 * 18:29:46

Hello Mary,

I feel privileged to absorb the beauty
from your floral paintings. God has given you a wonderful talent to show such life in each petal, making the
flowers come alive. I look forward to
viewing more of your works in the future.
Maria R. Owens


  Peggy Allen

07/29/2007 * 13:07:00

Susan, thanks for the phone call. Just viewed your works here and so happy to see you did not "lose the glow". Our art group is proud of you! Hope to see you soon. Peggy



04/19/2007 * 10:43:53

I am amazed... I'm looking at your works and over my shoulder my friend tina is asking if your a florist... so incredibly detailed, you are truly a master of those oil paints. you leave an indelible mark on those lucky enough to meet you, then your artwork takes the experience to some wholly other level of understanding... to see through your eyes, the subject of your paintings, the observer must distinquish that writer has no words-- even poetry-- which the painter omitted in her work. Lucky to have met you the other day, I really love your art.



04/15/2007 * 20:45:46

Breathtaking~ You are a very Gifted Artist~
I was just wondering did you ever spend time in Texas in the early 70's?
Have a Beautiful Day~



02/18/2007 * 13:04:57

Your paintings are breathtaking. I sit here looking out at the snow and then back at your paintings on my screen, and my heart screams for the summer to come. In the meantime your oils wrap me up in that summer mood. Thank you there beautiful


  Sylvia Greer ( homepage )

11/28/2006 * 15:33:42

Hi SuSan,

My husband and I met and chatted with Lou Landino at an art gallery in Palm Springs over Thanksgiving. He gave me your name - your paintings are truly beautiful and incredibly detailed. Keep up the good work.

Sylvia Greer
Andrew Nawrocky


  Norman F. Simms ( homepage )

09/27/2006 * 08:27:59

Your work is incredible. I think you are a top notch artist. Thank you.


  Cristine ( homepage )

07/02/2006 * 20:50:37

Just breath taking!!! You have captured the light, spirit and soul of each petal! Just glorious!
So glad I stopped by your site!!


  Doris Joa ( homepage )

08/02/2005 * 17:30:01

WOW, what beautiful artwork. Really WOW. I enjoy my visit in your studio here. And WOW again.

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