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Suzanne Pelcha Art Blog

Mango Tango! Welcome to my website!

by suzannespastels , June 3, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Kitchen Art, Mango, Notecards, Tango

Hi everyone! Hope you like my new Artid Gallery! I will be adding art as quickly as I can. Many of my works are available as originals or as signed reproductions. I also have the Kitchen Talk Art Notecards $15 for the set of 7. (Great gifts!) Each of my Galleries may only contain 6 images, so I included the "Mango Tango", the 7th of the Kitchen Talk Series on this mango you tango whose that other fruit??? Come on over and we'll dance the Mango Tango... Friends are sweet to dance with! ..... Anyway, enough silliness... Please feel free send comments or inquire about purchases by blog, email or log on and sign my guestbook on my gallery at Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to hearing from you! Suzanne




  Suzanne Pelcha ( homepage )

06/09/2008 * 23:28:46

Hi Millie - have you been with artid long? I like it but am having some difficulties setting everything up. I put up some more work last night and even added some of my photography.I have a load of art but not all of it is digitized well. Any way, Thanks for the welcome I will look up your work too! Suzanne


  Millie Smith ( homepage )

06/06/2008 * 00:57:00

Welcome to artid. I will be interested in seeing more of your work. Its good to have you join us. Millie

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