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Suzanne Pelcha Art Blog

The Palace Theatre Building, 5th & Main

by suzannespastels , June 28, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Architectural Art, Leesburg, Leesburg Historic District, The Palace Theatre

This piece was a challenge to paint in pastel, but was also alot of fun to do. The historic building, now part of a vibrant Leesburg downtown historic district, was originally built as the Palace Theatre in 1923. It was the first theater in Leesburg and was owned by Earl Fain who had the "Fain Circuit" of Theatres. The Palace Building is now owned by Leesburg businessman, Jerry Galbreath, and is home to Galbreath Realty, Two Olde Hags Wine Shoppe and other fine downtown businesses. The old theatre on the first floor is now the Starlight Ballroom. The building to the right is was built for the First National Bank of Leesburg and is currently For Sale. I hope to create paintings of many more of the areas historic buildings. The painting is professional framed and is also available in 11×17 signed prints.



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