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Suzanne Pelcha Art Blog

Roadside Wonder

by suzannespastels , June 10, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: Pink Sky, Roadside wonder

Took a series of photos at the Hwy 27 boat ramp on Lake Harris. Isn't the sky is infinitely beautiful?! Always changing. So many colors - so vast - I love the sky!! Look up and be blessed! I will be adding more photos and paintings as I can!





06/10/2008 * 23:33:08

Hi Susan, I think this is a great painting--just beautiful. I love to paint clouds. You have captured it all. I saw a sunset the other night like I have never seen before over our lake. I am now tryoing to capture it --but who can do a better job that God? If it works out--I will put it on artid. Great work. Millie

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