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Suthirak Chantragun Art Blog

Suthirak Chantargun

by suthirak , February 21, 2009—11:46 PM

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Georgie Marks, VIC, Australia My name is Georgie Marks. I recently saw some of your painting by the artist Khun Suthirak at the latest Art exhibition called the affordable art show in the Exhibition Building, Melbourne Australia. I really loved his work and I think it was amazing. I went on to your website and looked his work up but unfortunately didn__™t find the ones that were in your exhibition, some of the ones in your exhibit I really loved and was wondering if you have more images of his other works that include more squares like the ones I saw. I am a 15 year old student and your works blew me away I thought they were amazing and I am really interested in his squared vibrant Tec unique. Thank you so much, I really appreciated your works, different but I loved it!.

Briggitte Sjcbeck, NSW, Australia The painting made me thinking of my husband who has just passed away recently. My daughter and I love it. It is amazing!! ___..Sydney Art Exhibition 2006

Kate Crews, NSW, Australia I loved Suthirak paintings, namely ___Life__™s Color___ and ___Lover Dreaming___ I am a university student and live in a flat in Manly beach, Sydney, Australia. I actually can__™t afford the two paintings that I like, HINT, HINT (just joking), plus they wouldn__™t fit, on the wall of my flat. But I was amazed at the way he uses color and texture to express his feeling and it touched me so deeply that I wanted to pass on my feelings. ___..Sydney Art Exhibition 2006.

Kathy McGregor, Cypr The paintings ___Window through my heart I and ___Window through my heart III___ have a fantastic texture, color and meaning. I know where I going to hang them on the wall of my house in Cyprus___January 2005.

Ian Arens Dear Sir, You may recall that I purchased the remarkable painting entitled ___Patong Tsunami__™ by Suthirak, one of your artists, from your ___World of Paintings__™ art gallery in Patong . Having lived through the tsunami ourselves my partner and I were struck by the passion and drama of this painting and how it recaptured our own feelings on that terrible day so precisely. Because of this we decided to buy it. We are actually not normally avid art collectors and this is the only original painting we own and it certainly the most expensive. But despite this, we chose to hang it in our ___Family Room__™ rather than in our main room for guests to admire. It is too personal for that. It has become a presence in the heart of our home, where we can live with it and appreciate it. I thought you may be interested to know where this painting from your gallery ended up. It is a great work of art and much commented on by those who see it. We predict a great future for your star artist and it will be fully deserved. Sincerely,



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