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Gloria Pitre Art Blog

Good News!

by Sunshine , August 10, 2009—10:02 AM

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I just wanted to encourage others on this site. I have been commissioned for 4 pieces of art because of my art viewed on artid! I am painting a three piece painting of a fish pond and the other is a pastel drawing of a horse. I'm anxious to complete my work. Also have been offered to do a mural on a building in Texas. I am giving a bid today. It's approx. 1600 square feet. A big job, put very profitable. I'm excited what has happened since I have become a member and now have a place to show others my art. Good luck to all members, may you be successful. God bless, Gloria




  Fran Pietri

10/10/2009 * 12:49:35

From one "Pietri" to another, congratulations.

I just found ArtID this morning. I am a middle school art teacher, getting ready to retire--Ascension Parish. Now I know a little more about getting started--from looking at your page. Keep up the good work.



  Lois Boudreaux ( homepage )

09/19/2009 * 17:38:42

Hello Gloria,

Good news.

I am happy for you. Hope you get the mural in Texas.



  Nancy Cupp ( homepage )

09/02/2009 * 16:39:14

Did you do any special marketing to get people to look at your art id site, such as email signatures, or emailing friends about your new site, or anything. I would really like some tips on getting people to see my particular site, since it could get lost with all the other artwork.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

08/10/2009 * 23:32:22

Congratulations and thank you! We can all use encouragement especially during those moments when we wonder if anyone is actually out there responding to our art.


  Jackie Griswold ( homepage )

08/10/2009 * 19:38:10

Congratulations, and thank you for the encouragement. I've sold some things on ArtID as well, and am happy to have this venue to showcase my art. Wishing you continued success.

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