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The Breast Dress

by sunnynm , April 4, 2010—12:00 AM

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I had entered a local artshow/sale and happened to read "No Nudes" on the entry rules while I was doing errands the same day. Since that is all I had carved at that point, I went back and said to the woman, "What's this, you know I carve nudes." "Carve something else," she said, as though I could whip out a table full of carvings in a week or two (each piece takes 40+ hours!). I cut short her explanation of it being a "family" show, as though nude figures are prurient, and even when the woman who heads the organization called and left a breathy message saying they didn't mean MY nudes, I thought I'd rather be part of an arts organization that educates the western/ranch public about the value of the nude human figure in art rather than one that runs from the fear they might not sell THEIR own work if someone took offense. It took me 2 years to find a piece of wood that would work for my idea to enter in one of their shows. The figure, you'll notice, is wearing a dress, whose front is completely covered in breasts (much more explicit than my usual soft curved breasts). I haven't yet had the pleasure of entering this piece and saying, "But she's wearing a dress!"



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