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Suly B. Wolff Art Blog


by sulybwolff , November 27, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Art Israel, Suly B. Wolff, botanical, leaves, oil on canvas , painting, trees

2000 Painting with painter Ilana Bar-David

1998 Drawing instructions with sculpture Yael Bareket, Sketching, aquarelle and acrylic painting. Association of painting and sculptures in Tel Aviv with painter Shaike Granot.

1998-1999 Various combined technique sketching and oil on canvas with painter Noga Meierhof, Center for Arts, Tel Aviv. Sketching an oil canvas with painter Miri Neshri.

1981-1983 Architecture and interior design, Ort.

1980-1981 Jewelry design, Tel Aviv.

1976 Sketching in charcoal and oil painting with painter Lev Steinman, Tel Aviv.

1969 Painting and sketching, Sao Paolo.



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