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Susan Vollmar Art Blog

Full Moon at the Edge of the World Near Auburn, NY

by suescolorfulworld , June 10, 2009—12:00 AM

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The Edge of the World is a geographcial anomaly near Auburn, NY. I used to live about a mile from it. It is a large valley with a road going down the middle of it at a slight incline. What makes the "edge" is a little hill at the end of the incline. Everything around it is rolling hills. It's a very unlikely place to see a place looking like this. You would expect to see some place like this in Montana or the western plains. It was a favorite destination for us during our joyriding adventures.

A couple of years ago I received an email on Classmates from one of 3 girls I used to party with back in high school. It said: "Do you remember that night at the Edge of the World?" It's been nearly 31 years since that night, but who could forget? The email came from Alex, Andrea or Kelly. They were the three girls with me that night. I was driving my Mom's new Plymouth Volare, we were partying big time, they were drunk and totally wasted. I was not. I was just slightly, and I mean very slightly, tipsy.

We went straight away to the Edge. It was a winter's night and we were about a quarter mile from the actual edge, when I stopped the car in the middle of the road. I decided that we would go over the edge as fast as we could, right down the middle, so that we would be airborne as we went over it. So, I started out accelerating as fast as I could. The car had very little power. By the time we made it to that little hill at the edge, we were doing about 50 miles per hour. As I was going up the little hill, I realized that it was completely blind, that I couldn't see anything over the edge. So, in accordance with my driver's education training, I automatically moved the car over to the right lane at the very last moment.

As we went over the edge, we were definitely airborne, and I was saying weeeeeeeeeee with glee. But everyone else in the car was not!!! They were screaming. And I mean blood curdling screams. What was their problem????? As we came over the little hill, there was another car in the oncoming lane that we just barely missed having a head on collision with. They had no idea that I had driven back over to the right side of the road. I did it at the very last moment and didn't have time to announce it.

Now, back in the day, we'd say that those three girls got BURNT!!!!! Not just burnt, but FRIED to a CRISP!!!!!!!! And guess what???? I'm still laughing!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

12/27/2009 * 00:23:57

What a great story! How cool is it that you were able to capture that moment and convey that to the viewer. It really seems as if I were there.

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