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Susan Vollmar About

I am a color artist. I paint in oil colors, watercolors, acrylics and pastels. I specialize in skyscapes, mainly sunsets and sunrises. I am also learning to paint people portraits. I have painted pet portraits for many years. Ongoing projest include a series of paintings of Auburn's geographical anamoly, The Edge of the World. Also I am working a series of paintings from the Ike stricken Texas Coast, a series on wolves, and am learning to paint people portraits. You can see all of my art work at Just search for my member name: houstonsleepingbeauty. Add Comment


I was born in Auburn, New York in 1960. I am an airforce brat, having lived in Valdosta, Georgia and Universal City, Texas in my early childhood. We moved back to Auburn when I was 10 and that's where I spent the rest of my childhood. At 18, I came to Houston. I studied art briefly at the University of Houston. Otherwise, I have always been self taught. I have studied many years from public television and books.

I specialize in sunsets and sunrises, pet portraits and people portraits. I have recently started studying people portraits and am improving immensely.


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