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subodh maheshwari Art Blog

World Wide Art Books

by Subodhfineartstudio , August 27, 2012—04:46 PM

Topics: Ocean, abstracts, acrylic, colorful, coral, creating art, ecosystem, emotions, fish, nature, saltwater, water

Hi everyone,

Have you seen the World Wide Art Book? Many artists depict their art in this book for gaining world wide exposure. The last book distributed can be seen on the internet at My work will be displayed in the sixth and seventh editions and the book will be distributed to curators, museums, galleries, etc. The sixth edition is set to be distributed this coming December. The art is amazing and you may want to consider spending the funds for gaining great exposure. If you have any questions, I'm glad to help... please feel free to give me a call at 951-735-3043. Oceanic is one of my paintings excepted for show in the WWAB book. I've attached the image for you to enjoy.




  Mark Moore ( homepage )

03/24/2013 * 20:35:25

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