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subodh maheshwari Art Blog

What Does Thankgiving Mean to You?

by Subodhfineartstudio , November 14, 2011—02:56 PM

Topics: creating art, emotions, learning, symbolic art, the meaning of thanksgiving

While teaching my art classes... I asked my art students to bring forth their creativity by asking them to think about what Thanksgiving means to them. One of my students stated, their past experience of their son going to his in-laws home for Thanksgiving made my student feel sad; because they were unable to celebrate Thanksgiving with their son. My student started to cry because Thanksgiving brings to her happiness and sadness at the same time. You are probably wondering how art relates to this student's emotions. As a teacher, this poses an opportunity for me to help my students to channel their emotions and create art based on their various emotional experiences. Many of my symbolic paintings depict various different emotions. For example: anger, passion, friendship, etc. This Thanksgiving, ask yourself what emotions do you feel and save those feelings for creating your next work of art. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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