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My life as an artist and designer started in 1972 when I left Eastbourne art college. I had studied fine art, photography, typography, print technology and graphic design for three years. The fine art training proved to be very handy when, as a freelancer, I worked with a London-based company which produced ___legal forgeries__™ of well-known masterpieces (mostly for very rich people who couldn't bear the thought of a print). My specialities were Dutch seascapes and anything by Vermeer (The Girl with the Pearl Earring). This was the most popular request and I must have copied it about 20 times.

The first 16 years of my career were spent in various advertising agencies as a visualiser. This involved thinking up ideas for advertising campaigns and drawing the storyboards if they were to be filmed, or just producing highly finished sketches of how the advert would look in print. In 1987, I worked on Country Life magazine for a few months. The editor called me back a short while later and offered me the job of Art Editor and Design Editor. I thought about it for three seconds and accepted! It certainly was the most demanding job I had ever experienced - producing a glossy magazine of that quality each week can be quite stressful. But I met some fascinating characters, from politicians (disgraced or otherwise) to royalty, actors, Oscar Wilde's grandson, and several of the late Princess Margaret's boyfriends, some of whom occasionally wrote articles for the magazine.

Twelve years later, after winning a design award for 'Magazine Cover of the Year', I was head-hunted and offered the job of Art Director on Geographical magazine. I thought about it for at least one second, and yes - you figured correctly! It was a fascinating job, and gave me the opportunity to travel to hot places, write about and photograph wildlife - and get bitten by everything that wriggles, flies or crawls ... I still itch when I think about it. The most memorable trip was to Costa Rica. For three weeks I lived in the jungle with eleven paying volunteers and an American researcher compiling an article on bugs and their predators for an Earthwatch project. Three years later, I ended up in France ... Now I design books for a UK publisher on a daily basis. Occasionally, I take photographs for Living France and A Place in the Sun magazines, and draw portraits.

I'm new to this site and will upload some images very soon.