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Frantisek Strouhal About

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Frantisek Strouhal was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia, from a family of painters and artists. His interest in art has always been focused on the traditional and classical painters. He was introduced to photography while studying fashion design in college.

Primarily self-taught he learned the photographic and printing craft through the study of many renowned photographers. Photography gave him the opportunity to grow, express and transform himself. While exploring the boundaries of the photographic medium his artistic nature developed a strong appeal towards the alternative process called Oil Print. This process allowed him to find satisfaction in techniques that gave him complete control over the final print. His choices of brush, paper, texture and lithographic inks determine the quality of his images. It takes him many hours to build up a depth of ink, layer by layer, to create the desired image.

He combines the hands on techniques of this 19th century process to create a paper ready for contact printing with digitally printed paper negative. Minutes, hours, and days of hand labor applying layers of ink indicate his personal dedication to the work of art. Working with the oil Printmaking process makes each image unique.


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