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Stephen Surico About

Art is the essence of the spirit. Art glorifies creation Art gives joy to our lives. Despite our human imperfections the Great Spirit blessed us with the capacity to express our emotions and all facets of our beautiful souls. Throughout my work I have tried to capture nature__™s beauty and in a small way added my own color and textures. 1 comment


Artist Stephen R. B. Surico

Born: Castelenetta, Italy 1951


My life__™s passion is the arts and as a result I am a dreamer, Artist, Writer, Poet, Sculptor and sometimes an all around handy man. I have described myself as an artist who wears a smock and never afraid to get my hands dirty. I am firmly grounded in the blue-collar experience. I am also a reflection of my generation. Born in the 50;s rebelling in the 60;s, alive and well in the 2000__™s. I am also an immigrant adopted in sunny southern Italy. My parents who adopted me gave me the great gift of love and values that I carry to this day. The Art that I do can be described as romantic landscapes and surreal visions that incorporate feelings and emotions. I tend to choose quiet scenes from my imagination. For this reason I believe perhaps others can experience that quite peacefulness that I myself feel in doing my work. Another aspect of my art is centered in mythological, spiritual and surrealism with some abstract thrown in for good measure. Because of my love of art I have so many influences that shaped my passions, compassion, joy, sadness, and all that I am today. Jesus, Chief Red Cloud, Kahil Gibran, Chief Joseph, J. R. R. Tolkien and of course Artists Michelangelo, D__™Vinci and Raphael.

Having been exhibited widely with many pleased patrons Stephen is also a published Author, Poet and Writer. Writing children__™s books and being a published poet. Having been a former artistic director of a Internet Corp. He is presently pursuing his painting and producing work for prints


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