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Starla Halfmann About

Daily, at the age of four, I would look up paintings in the ___P___ Encyclopedia. This was my favorite ritual and I was most drawn to The Swing by Jean-Honore Fragonard. In my four-year old mind, I remember pondering that anyone able to paint such magical pictures must be incredibly blessed, perfect, and happy. I smile thinking about my naivety. Interestingly enough, I became what I dreamt about as a artist who paints dreamy beautiful paintings. Life isn't perfect and I'm not always happy but I will say this, when I have a brush in my hand I do feel blessed. Somehow, time stops and I suddenly have a means to express myself without speaking a word. Whether or not I intend for it to be, each painting is a page from my diary. Sometimes the interpretation is more fun than the actual creation of the piece. I believe good artist still possess a childlike wonder. My eyes naturally view creation the way a child limitless and boundless. The four-year old me still lives and breathes and I'm glad she does because life would be less interesting without her. 1 comment