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Katherine Stanton About

My work is about capturing the extraordinary in the things we see around us. Color, shape, texture, and pattern all are part of finding something interesting that we don't usually see at first glance. Whether it's oils, manipulated photographs, or multi-media, I like to look at things from alternative perspectives. My background in design has influenced my sense of composition and my love of bold colors. I believe strongly that like attracts like and that positive images are important to have around to bring more positive energy into our lives. As a result, my images explore what I perceive as positive aspects of the world around us. 2 comments


Kathy was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where her interest in art began. She took classes at the Cincinnati Art Museum and University of Cincinnati in high school and attended the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, and Art with a major in Graphic design.

After moving to west Michigan and working in design for 20 years, she returned to art and took classes at Oxbow, a west Michigan art community and summer home of the Art Institute of Chicago.

She now works in her home-based studio, shoots photography in the area as she travels, and helps run Saugatuck Artists Collective in downtown Saugatuck, Michigan. Her work includes oil paintings, digital images created from her photos, and functional multi-media work.


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