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Stained Glass Studio of St. Peter is a homegrown artisans studio located in St. Peter, in southern Minnesota, about ten minutes from Mankato on US 169. Specializing in Tiffany styled windows and lamps, we also do fused pieces, painted pieces, slumped glass, and offer supplies and classes. Stop in the studio, or give a call at 507-931-3818! Add Comment


About Stained Glass Studio of St. Peter

First, a brief history I took my first stained glass course in Minneapolis 25 years ago; I thoroughly enjoyed it, and pursued it. You could say that I was bitten by the stained glass bug. I set up my first workshop in my basement in Minneapolis, lamps accumulated, and started to take over, first the house, then the basement and the attic. As time progressed, I began to do shows, like the Edina Art fair, Loring Park art fair, and others. Commissions followed, and business started to improved. In 2000 we moved to St. Peter, with the intent of opening our own stained glass studio. From lamps, we broadened our horizons into wall hangings, windows, and slumped glass

After soldering my 17th lamp, I had honed my skills to the point that I understood the intricacies of soldering. The patience and diligence required was a natural fit for my personality, which flowed into a further 150-some lamps, as well as sunbursts, wall hangings, and windows. This passion and devotion led to the construction of a purpose-built studio, to replace the lonely workbench in the basement. My glass has been influenced by world travel. From Africa and the pacific, to the cobbled streets of Europe, from the mountains of South America to the frozen wastes of Antarctica, I have continually collected inspiration. Feel free to stop by the studio and see the glass, and photo__™s from my trips around the world, for yourself!

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