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Marlen Ferrer Art Blog

Group Exhibitions

by Soulart , September 14, 2011—09:28 AM

Topics: Marlen Ferrer, Soulart, abstract, inspiration, oil on canvas, paintings, spiritual, teacher

2011 Alternative Space - Tel Aviv Rothschild Blvd

2009 "Sweet and Sour", Rishon Le Zion Cultural Center

2009 "First and Last", Ein Hod Gallery, Israel

2009 "Hagada shel Yetzira", Aminadav Center, Jaffa, Tel Aviv

2009 Salon of Classical and Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia

2009 "Face Lift", Jaffa Museum, Tel Aviv

2008 "Every One has a Name", Rashi Center, Paris, France

2008 Museum Hatanach, Tel Aviv

2008 Hall of Culture, Rishon Le Zion

2007 Sculpture, Rishon Le Zion Cultural Center

2007 Petach tikvah, Cultural Centre Sculpture

2007 Globus project, Rothchild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

2006 Wilfrid Israel Museum, Hazorea

2005 Haifa Artists Association, Haifa, Israel

2005 Sculpture Bienale, Tivon, Israel

2005 Sculpture Bienale, Binyamin, Israel

2004 Haifa Congress Centre, Haifa, Israel

2004 Western Gallillee College, Israel

1993 Opera House, Tel Aviv, Israel

1989 Gallery 101 Kensington, London, UK

1984 De Vorzen Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

1980 Jerusalem Theatre, Israel



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