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Marlen Ferrer Art Blog

Solo Exhibitions

by Soulart , September 14, 2011—09:27 AM

Topics: Marlen Ferrer, Soulart, abstract, inspiration, oil on canvas, paintings, spiritual, teacher

2011 The Container - Jaffa - The Canvas Is My Lover

2010 Jaffa Antiquities Museum - Mother and Daughter

2009 "Wrapping Gebo-Art in Action", Gebo Gallery, Tel Aviv

2007 "New Beginnings", Gebo Gallery, Tel Aviv

2004 New Community Gallery. Kiryat Tivon. Israel

2002 Castro Art Centre. Haifa. Israel

2002 Artist House, Tel Aviv

2000 The Studio Gallery. Raanana. Israel

1999 New Community Gallery. Kiryat Tivon. Israel

1999 National Association of Israeli Artists. Tel Aviv. Israel

1994 Amalia Arbel Gallery. Tel Aviv. Israel

1992 Linda Goodman Gallery. Johannesburg. South Africa

1991 Karen McKeron Gallery. Johannesburg. South Africa

1990 Cultural Centre. Nahariya. Israel

1989 Amalia Arbel Gallery. Rishon Le Tzion. Israel

1989 Beit Abu Choushi. Haifa. Israel

1988 Cultural Centre. Karmiel. Israel

1987 Laura Gallery. Johannesburg. South Africa

1983 Elizabeth Gallery. Raanana. Israel



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