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catherine sothern About

I gather all my inspiration from the world around me. Africa has a special draw for me, culture and colours and the pride of the africans even through adversity. Add Comment


Born in 1960, I have felt drawn towards the canvas from an early age. Colour and light have been a magnet for me. In africa you get this in everything you see.

All the older european masters seemed to be in a very dark and dreary place until another continent opened up to them.

I have been inspired by Paul Gauguins paintings since an early age, his forms are simple, the colours clash and no depth or perspective, and he fullfilled his desire to return to a romantic idea of primitive life. He became one with nature. Indeed nature has so much to offer. I am also inspired by the works of Richard Diebenkorn where he used geometric lines to define sections of colour.

I have works in private collections in Germany, South Africa, Oxford, Dublin and London. I come from a backround of interior design and have been painting all my life, I feel I still have so much to learn.


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