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Livingston Hoover About

Im just here to stay in touch with a few friends from my past but mostly just to get to know new interesting and unique people from all parts of this world that I would never have the chance to get to know any other way... I love creating art ,it is my passion, my hobby, and now my job. I make music when I get bored...I love what I do, It gives me a sweet escape from life and takes me someplace else even if just for a brief moment.Thank yall for admiring creativity and reconizing real talent. Its amazes me how I can relate to different people at different times.Now they feel can see or hear how I am feeling...Right now I'm on my journey to inspire, grow, and most importantly learn. Remember to keep your dreams a reality.Inspire others, by saying something motivational...Well thats it for now if you wanna know anything else just ask..... Add Comment



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